Electronic architect of spatial instrumentation

MICROTEC, SME of 110 people, major partner of the big companies of space, aeronautics and the automobile, recognized for the quality of its services, is in strong growth. To reinforce and structure our development in the sector of electronic space instrumentation, we are looking for an engineer or doctor-engineer.



ATHENA is the L2 mission of ESA’s Cosmic Vision program. It is an X observatory where one of the two focal instruments, the X-IFU, is a cryogenic spectro-imager. This instrument uses TES (Transition Edge Sensors) microcalorimeters detectors operated at 90 mK; it will achieve a spectral resolution of 2.5 eV. Our client is in charge of developing the X-IFU’s Digital Readout Electronics (DRE), a development for which MICROTEC is involved in co-engineering. This subsystem provides control and reading of the 3840 detectors. For this purpose it manages a frequency multiplexing and it realizes the servocontrol of the SQUIDs (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device), circuits of reading of the TES. The DRE performs signal processing for a part in an analog way (filtering and amplification), but especially in a digital way (digital filtering, decimation, servocontrol, …). These complex functions have a crucial impact on compliance with DRE specifications (performance, consumption, mass, etc.).
The person will aim as the DRE equipment electronic architect, to establish the specifications of the DRE subsystems from the higher level specifications.


Main missions

As an architect of electronic equipment, you will be more specifically in charge of:
> Define the architecture and the technical interfaces of the DRE equipment and its sub-assemblies
> Realize, validate and verify the equipment specifications
> Allocate, validate and verify the technical requirements in the equipment
> Participate in the definition of methods and tools for testing and validation of ERD
> Participate in monitoring the implementation of equipment by suppliers
> Participate in the definition of DRE flight characterization procedures
> Train users in ERD testing and validation tools
As a technical referent, you are the privileged interlocutor of the project partners (France, Netherlands, USA). One-off trips in France and abroad will be expected.

Partager :


> In-depth knowledge of digital and analog electronics
> In-depth knowledge of signal processing – ideally Base-Band Feedback techniques
> Ideally, good mastery of spatial development constraints (spatial development process, EEE constraints, etc.)
> Current professional English (written and spoken)


> According to training and experience.




To be sent to info [at] microtec-agora.fr
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